Official doc last updated on 13 April 2022.


Once upon a time, futurists forecasted a world where traditional economic systems will be replaced by decentralized finance structure. What they did not see coming, was how this new structure breaks away from the dull, dry, and exclusive norms of archaic economy. There will be new mediums to trade with <Cryptocurrencies> and new exciting forms of trading like GameFi <Decentralized Game-Based Finance>. Built around interactive digital entertainment, GameFi is not only a powerful and promising new economy, but also the catalyst to new innovations in gaming and entertainment.

Come 2022, enter MythosWorld.

MythosWorld empowers users (or as we’d like to call them “Wizards”) worldwide to connect and earn a variety of rewards simply by playing or collecting NFTs – all within MythosWorld’s self-sustaining ecosystem. It is a comprehensive prototype based on successful real-world and digital currencies and structures, leveraging the security and reliability of blockchain technology.

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