PVE arena only require player starts off with just one character from their collection.


PVP Asynchronous is played with the model “Attack and Defense”. When playing the game (online), players can use their “Attack” formation to engage in battles. When the player goes offline, his team formation will be put into “Defense” mode with his defending formation (pre-arranged).


  1. A completed fighting formation requires 5 characters and pick the skills for each character for attacker.

  2. A completed defending formation requires 5 characters and pick the skills for each character for defender.

  3. If a character is used for defending formation, the character cannot take part in PVE or be in other PVP fighting formation.

  4. Players need to set up prize pot per battle and deposit the prize amount. Victors will win [x] tokens from the prize pot, and this amount comes from the losing party.

  5. Player cannot participate in asynchronous battle if they run out of tokens in the prize pot.

  6. Every 48 hours, player earns 1% interest from remaining amount in prize pot.


PVP Synchronous arena can consist of 1 vs 1 battles in real time. A Player can build their squad including 5 characters from their collection to combat opponents in each round. They need to defeat their enemies to gain reward for their effort. Matchups will be determined automatically by the system, and between players with similar point accumulations - however, there is no discrimination between player levels.

MythosWorld Game are in turn-based combat type that means players and their units act in turns when joining the combat, hence, to become the winner, players must build a powerful team with character owning skills and great tactics to combine those skills in the best way.


  1. A completed fighting formation requires up to 5 characters (minimum of 2 characters).

  2. Each character brings 3 skills into a battle. For the 4th and 5th character, they can bring 5 skills each. This makes a full team of 5 having 15 to 19 skills. The advantage of having fewer skills, it makes it easier to attack. However, this limits the ability of the entire team since there are fewer varieties.

  3. The combat is turn-based, which means there will be specific order for each turn during the battle.

  4. Match 3 and above tiles to trigger skills (result in either defensive or offensive ability). Taking the example in the table below, if bright blue is executed, character 1 and 4 will execute the skill. However, if purple skill is executed, only character 4 will execute the skill.

5. There is a time limit for each round. If one player disconnects, the battle still goes on until there is a defined winner. If both players disconnect, battle ends in 30 seconds and the team with longer team health wins. The matchup only lasts for 1 game. In other words, there will not be a draw or a rematch.

6. Player who won the combat will be rewarded in potions.

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