Gacha (random) mechanic is implemented into NFT minting, which results in a Mythic with:
  • Classes: 10 classes at release with 50 more classes planned
  • Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Light, Darkness, Void
  • Ranks: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • Levels: 1-20
  • Primary Stats: Magical Attack, Magical Defense, Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Stamina, Health
  • Bonud Stat from Transmutation: Luck
  • Skills: 1 Common skill, 14 Unlockable Skills and 15 Inherit Skills from Transmutation
  • Transmutation: Dominant, Recessive
  • Enhance: Neophyte, Elite, Master, Grandmaster
  • Elemental Level: Level 1 – 10
The elements that make up a Mythic offer great customization in the power of Mythic or a squad in Play Mode. Players are allowed to be creative in arranging teams and pricing their Mythics on the NFT Marketplace.